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Worthless Wire Stripper

Monday, March 27th, 2006

I wasn’t looking for a new wire stripper, but when I purchased a Cold Heat “soldering” iron from Costco for $20, one was included in the package. I welcomed it as a potentially useful addition, since it had an easier grip than my current tool and had a spring action that would try and do the stripping for you. The first time I used it everything worked fine. But the second time, before I was actually using the tool, I noticed that it didn’t spring back into place after pulling the grip like it once did. Upon further investigation, the spring was bent, and I could hear the rattling of a loose part inside the tool, which later fell out onto the table. To add insult to injury, the tool was secured with rivets so I wasn’t able to open it up and try and fix it. So during the second use of this tool, it fell apart and was unrepairable. Good thing I paid only $7 or so.